We started with the demolition of 5 floors. Also known as structural demolition, this is one of our most experienced areas. We have the licensing, training, and permits to provide these services to our customers. This was necessary to the project in order to start over, including breaking down the concrete floor and walls.

Shutting off the utilities is important before starting the demo, to ensure the safety of everyone. Demolition can require many moving parts and in order to remove all materials in a safe manner, handling any open utilities is very important. Removing hazardous waste, flammable materials, or any other dangerous substances, will prevent fires of any kind.

Included here were also 5 corridors. Previously there were very shabby and dreary-looking hallways. The carpet was replaced from dark and stained to a light color. We covered the hallway floors with plastic coatings to ensure the longevity of the carpet. We painted the entire interior hallways, ceilings, doors, and around the elevators. The walls were dark and dingy with many stains on them. We uplifted the environment by using bright colors, something more pleasing to the eye. Placing opulent artwork on the walls of the corridors was another way of reviving the areas. Instead of exiting off the elevator into a desolate looking place, we gave new meaning to the word charming and endearing.

Waterproofing also was completed at this property, to protect the building from numerous catastrophes that could happen. The most tenacious enemy of a residential building is not fire or structural collapse, but ultimately water damage.
If left unchecked, moisture can quietly infiltrate and wreak havoc throughout. Creating a building envelope, which is technically a controlled environment. Various penetrations through surfaces must be water-resistant and sometimes waterproof. This includes but is never limited to roofing materials as well.

Another specialized area we waterproofed at this project was balconies and decks. Decks constantly move with changes in earth shifting and environments differentials. Balconies as well include waterproofing membrane used, and we made certain there was adequate slope-drainage, proper flashing to ensure there would not be any flooding. We finally continued with waterproofing the doors and exterior windows of the building. Using window materials that are tear-resistant, dustproof, and cold resistant, also gave new life to the property.

Doors at every entrance were waterproofed preventing intrusion. There previously was water trapped in the sliding tracks which can pose serious problems not to mention mold after heavy rain.

This could cause leakage and damage to hardwood floors and or new carpeting if not treated properly and quickly. By understanding the mechanics of how the sliding door is operating, we can ascertain how the waterproofing process will go. Many doors here needed to be completely replaced altogether and were beyond repair.
This building was lovely when done. The owner was extremely happy.


2 Months


Greystar Management


519 6th Street. LSM

Project type

Demolition-Interior Paint