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Milanco Building Group (MBG) has a long-standing history of providing superior and quality construction services in Southern California. In Los Angeles, MGB has earned a reputation as one of the leading providers of safe transportation, building, and civil construction services. Our transportation construction services include road maintenance, asphalt sealing, storm drain excavation, culvert repairs and installation, erosion and sediment control design and implementation, and concrete construction. Our building construction services include developing and finalizing business plans, analyzing finances, and selecting a construction team tailored to the project. We specialize in entire home remodels, upgrades to both residential and commercial properties, custom home builds, exterior, and hardscape design. Our civil construction team specializes in maintenance, design, and engineering of both joint and independent projects. We are dedicated to constructing natural and man-made environments that shape Los Angeles and Southern California, taking part in some of the area's most influential construction projects each year.

Why choose us?

We make safety a priority for all our projects and employ the most current safety training and protocols. Our team adheres to strict safety guidelines and always works in an environment that is conducive to ensuring the well-being of everyone involved. We are committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees, contractors, and visitors and will continue to do so throughout the course of your project.
Clear communication is essential for the successful completion of any construction project.

Effective communication is essential for successful collaboration between team members, while miscommunication can create misunderstandings, delays, and future issues.

At MBG, we have honed our communication skills over years of practice and training, allowing us to provide exemplary service to our clients.

At MBG, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of competency, honesty and hard work, as well as financial responsibility. To ensure peace of mind, we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to operate within the competitive business environment. As a responsible and informed consumer, it is important to find reputable contractors to pursue a successful project and avoid being taken advantage of by unlicensed operators. Although not mandatory, Commercial General Liability Insurance offers additional protection by covering any damage to your property.
Our suppliers offer us top-notch materials at an economical price and in a timely fashion. By utilizing high-quality materials, we are able to help our clients achieve cost-effective construction.