Another stunning yet breathtaking home we built custom from bottom to top.
The design of this home was a figment of the imagination of a Movie Industry Executive and a very artistic person. He had a very interesting, eclectic, and multifarious taste when it came to how he wanted his space to look. We at MBG thought way outside the box to accommodate his intricate needs. The home had superb beauty, class, and appeal when we got done with it. Starting with large grassy landscaping out front so the grandchildren have an area to play barefoot.

This homeowner loves natural sunlight. To give the home a natural light effect we made sure there were plenty of windows in the front door, and right above. Additional windows were installed on each floor according to the direction the sun faces. Thus, giving the house at its peak time of the day, the best natural sunlight possible.

The kitchen was designed for hosting multiple events and parties. This homeowner has a very busy calendar and does a lot of entertaining. This kitchen can hold a crew of professional chefs and servers with plenty of room to come and go while very busy.

The upstairs closet is one you see on TV. A custom-built closet any celebrity would be completely jealous of. Due to the nature of this homeowner's business, we had glass panels installed along with an island in the middle of the area in which to house other personal effects. We also installed hidden cabinet locks that allowed others to view contents while on a closet tour, but with no access to open any of the cabinet doors.

A special panel with a code to enter and exit was also installed for this high-end closet. This also came with fingerprint identification capabilities. This is an extra level of protection if you are in possession of many valuables, are away from home often, a celebrity, a public figure, politician, or anyone else with an extensive public profile.
This homeowner insisted on multiple sitting areas throughout the home for meditation purposes starting with multiple downstairs. We custom-built one outside between two adjacent spaces being the living and den to give the illusion of an alcove. It was cozy and warm and extremely private and quiet. A small fireplace was built so that he could enjoy the warmth with candle lights.
Other outside sitting areas we custom-built were one of the cabana right off the swimming pool. A less private area, making it a great place to sit and have drinks while the kids swim in the safety of the company of the adults. We also built a fireplace for this seating area to warm up after hours in the water in the night air.
The swimming pool which was very important to the homeowner was set way back in the yard. Giving much space between the home and the pool makes use of the pool more a private affair. Completely surrounded by walls and greenery.
We custom built the upstairs bathroom giving the homeowner a walk-in shower with a complete granite and marble sitting bench to rest while bathing. Due to limitations, the homeowner cannot step into a shower and so we made sure the shower had an abundance of the room while in the water. We had special water faucets installed for him along with shelving for him to take and put back his shower accessories. Special toilets were installed along with lowered granite countertops for his special needs.
The homeowner was extremely happy with his vision, and how we brought his vision to life.


5 Months




Encino, CA

Project type

Multi Level Residential