Multi Family Home New Construction.
The homeowners had a very simple and conservative taste. A budget was made very clear at the beginning of this project and taken into consideration. That being said, we planned accordingly.
We broke ground finally and started site work. The land was cleared and prepared, all the necessary preparations were completed including having the utility companies onsite to do their part.
Watching the foundation being poured left the homeowners elated. To them, this was the happiest day to finally see a dream start to come to fruition.

MBG was thrilled to be a part of the journey.
Once framing started, we could really see the house start to take its shape. Accurately measuring, cutting, and shaping lumber and wood. Erecting temporary structures such as scaffolds and hoists. Once completed, we moved along to exterior finishes. Adding the siding, finally installing the new roof, windows, and doors.
Still having much to do on the inside, we completed installing the HVAC unit, installing the main panel, as well as other electrical items that needed to be done. Last but certainly not least, the plumbing. Laying and setting pipes was done using the corrode proof materials, confirming the pipes are hooked up correctly to the sewer lines and finally installing the fixtures. Fixtures included but not limited to the kitchen, bathrooms, showers, toilets, and sinks. The siding was painted Wedgewood Blue. We used a sealer and coating to ensure longevity to the paint and very low maintenance. We used paint that was pressure-washing friendly should the homeowner want to clean the home after a windy season. Landscaping on this property was done with utter simplicity. Nothing over the top here. We had grass planted in the front of the home to give warmth but a simple aesthetic.

The backyard was also very small and simple. We managed some lovely aesthetics for a friendly gathering. A small custom back porch was built with three steps down to the yard. We painted the wall along the perimeter to match the home and planted some very low-maintenance plants to give some greenery to the existing wall. The grass was equally planted in the back of the home as well.

A small and simple seating area was created out of wicker furniture. Giving the yard a very 1970's flavor, we used pillow accents of colors from the same time period.
We also made sure the side of the house had access to the vehicles. Should you want to park up to the front of the home or in the back, you have plenty of room and options here.
The inside of the home had a very farmhouse feel to it, even with the amenities of everyday life. We had a huge flat screen tv installed and mounted inside the wall. Oversized bathtubs in the bathrooms, wooden furniture in parts of the home along with Stainless Steel appliances. The wood floors were perfect and rustic and were a huge asset to the interior. The homeowner was very pleased with the work we did, and we stayed under his allowed budget which he was very happy about.


4 Months


Hartsook LA


Hartsook St. Noho

Project type

Multi Family