Demolition here started with the entire lobby. This included the removal of the architectural build-out. The project required much coordination as the lobby was required to stay open to tenants as well as the public.
We maintained clean air for crews and building occupants working inside the building. This will bring much attention to the business at the bottom of the building, creating pleasing new aesthetic looks when completed.

Safely dismantling the necessary building structures, safety was our first priority for the crew as well as the public.

Making changes to the structural design during this process, we continued making modifications according to the design that was approved. Using special handling with hazardous material such as lead, asbestos, silica, and other chemicals or heavy materials here. Every precaution here was taken seriously and preventative measures were implemented to ensure safety.

We started with Framing. This included the exterior walls and interior partitions, for both bearing and nonbearing walls. Included here were the lobby and corridors. We repainted all the walls from floor to ceiling, replaced the old carpet with all new flooring, and upgraded the fixtures.

We installed wood panels here on the ceilings and walls to give the place a better aesthetic look. Paneling styles are available for every decor taste. We installed here boards and elaborate raised panels, allowing a more rustic look and charm.

Cedarwood was used here. With balsamic undertones, this aromatic wood scent can call to mind an evergreen forest type of aromatherapy feel to it leaving you feeling calm and balanced. We had custom soft benches designed and installed here. Creating a cozy and quiet space to sit privately, these benches are often used by guests and tenants for more one-on-one time. Away from others in the lobby, making private conversations more obtainable.
AC replacements were required here. The pre-existing units were old and quite beyond repair as well. Multiple new HVAC systems were installed here giving the tenants and guests more comfort with weather conditions.

We installed these systems based on the features of the actual building and how the HVAC units would work in sync with the building and tenant requirements. Property installation is not just fixing and securing the HVAC system, we also took into consideration all efficiency, safety, and economic factors, including electricity consumption.
New Fire Sprinkler System was also installed. Protecting lives from fire is of particular concern for us. We offer a very creative, and common-sense approach to sprinkler design, installation, service, and inspection. With our elemental experience, our team and expertise provided the owner with a specific system designed to meet his needs.

This included but was not limited to; Wet pipe systems, dry pipe systems, we installed Deluge equipment here. Activated by smoke or heat detectors, Deluge equipment releases floods of water in an instant through the open sprinkler generator.
We upgraded and installed all-new lighting fixtures in the lobby areas, leasing offices, entrances, exits, and throughout the facade. This would ensure safety to all tenants, residents, guests coming and going at all different hours of day and night. We completely replaced old dingy burnt-out and stained fixtures with those that brought life back to the building. With a new aesthetic look, this gave a more youthful tone and quality to the building. Using LED lighting and other economic lighting options, we created a very bright, well light, and seemingly uplifted environment.

The woodwork was completed here around windows and doors, and the stairways. This also gave new life to the building. Interior fittings, moldings, and other areas. Woodwork always adds a touch of warmth and pleasing to the eye, creating a subtle environment that feels cozy.
Finally, we finished this beautiful building with a lovely and much-needed new storefront door. Using an architect to design and install the door, the front door was entirely remodeled and retrofitted to the special needs of the building. Including technical requirements and performance goals, considerations, and design parameters were also applied here. Our glaziers customized the design, engrave and cut glass to the shape that was requested.
Again, this was completed with very little if any disruption toward the tenants and guests.

This was a very detailed project that MBG enjoyed completing during every stage.


2 Months




1445 6th Street. LSM

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