This Industrial warehouse project was a 2-month long duration.
Undergoing a commercial structural renovation for a 5,500 Sq Ft. Warehouse space is important in order to benefit from both sides of the spectrum. This will offer immediate value for the existing business while creating a suitable environment for the employees as well.

This was definitely a huge challenge. This was a massive undertaking that permanently altered the existing structure both interior and exterior, creating multiple rooms for existing space. This includes meeting rooms, lunchrooms, board rooms, and other areas for various events.

A very large 5-foot pit was dug here. Starting with excavation, we removed mineral deposits and other debris. We laid concrete in the sunken area of the pit, putting an epoxy sealer over the concrete to install the chemical mixers.

Installing plumbing was done from beginning to end. This building warehouses large mixers for chemicals, so standard plumbing was not an option here. This was very detailed and logistical. Our industrial design plan included drainage and sanitation, water plumbing design, portable water lines, hot tapping, poly-pipe welding, backflow prevention. We installed sewage pumps, industrial waste drainage and venting, hydro-jetting, booster pumps, and industrial water heaters. Copper pipes were used throughout the entire facility to ensure no corrosion.

The Main Panel Upgrade was definitely necessary here. The building was outdated, not up to current code, and was left with loose electrical ends that had to be taken care of. Installing new light fixtures, and parking lights were also installed here. Electrical wiring was done neat and cleanly to a NEMA electrical enclosure/cabinet to ensure the safety of everyone. This was done with the utmost importance and thought processes. Iron metalwork was also completed throughout the entire perimeter including new gates down to the pit. We also provided the facility with new metal rolling doors that open and close to the warehouse. These rolling doors that open and close to a declining ramp make it quite convenient when delivering and picking up material. There was an overhead canopy installed as well over the outside ramp to ensure weather conditions would not cause an issue. Soundproofing has a variety of sound control measures. In general, soundproofing means controlling the vibrations that make sound and where they go. To do that in a commercial setting, several techniques are employed, including sound absorption, soundproofing, and controlling sound distribution.

New AC ducts were also installed throughout the entire property to ensure proper airflow. With large heavy machines running 24 hours a day, and heavy chemicals flowing through the air, proper distribution is imperative. We installed high-speed fans, multiple pedestal fans, and high-volume low-speed fans. Air distribution is a matter of importance in today's modern 6,000 sq ft facility.

Replacing a roof on a commercial industrial building is always important. If you work in an industry that warehouses machines, a leaky roof is not something you will want to deal with. Repairing was not an option in an age where machines are going 24 hours a day utilizing a lot of electricity, solar panels are always a great addition to have. Good for your electricity while adding sustainability.

A very impressive finish once completed.


2 Months




5007 Garden Grove Walnut

Project type

Industrial Commercial Building Remodel