As a builder, we are always looking for ways to maximize a budget, while creating the greatest impact.
We completely redid the façade. Being this is the biggest thermal barrier in a building defining how air moves in and out and heats and cools, we put special attention to this. While playing a critical environmental role, we focused on materials that offered the greatest opportunities for performance objectives.
Regardless of a building has owners or renters, this is of particular importance. For buildings with facades that were built purely for functionality, they often start looking old and boring. However new advances in technologies are providing owners with options for reimagining and aesthetic availability never seen before but without overwhelming costs.

Adding art and brand-new fixtures, we also included here were beautiful colors and lovely fabrics. We also added functions to block out sunlight at certain times of the day to provide better airflow.
New Washers and Dryers were installed in 236 Units.
This by itself was a project. Each unit in the building had primitive washer and dryer units that were well beyond repair work.
New appliances are always a welcome addition in any household, designed to make life easier while also being cost-effective. Replacing these heavy unit washer and dryer units was a lot easier than one might think, although time-consuming, these were definitely a much-needed upgrade.

Using hallways, passage ways, side and back entrances, we were able to move these big machines to the upper stories, with little imposition on the tenants. This was imperative. Making very little noise, being seen and not heard, this installation went very smoothly.
Finally, we finished this with remodeling the entrance. Something tenants and guests see daily, out with the old and tired, in with the new and charming.
Flooring throughout the building was completely replaced. The old carpet was stained beyond cleaning with a distasteful odor that was not appetizing or by any means a selling point.
This replacement included hallways, leasing offices, bathrooms, lunchroom, and the board meeting room.

We installed all new and modern doors that were more efficient for daily routines. Modern sustainable windows were also installed here that were conducive to the environment including a reflective window coating to keep heat out in summer and cold air in winter.
Beautiful glass entrance doors were replaced at all entrances to the building as well as the tenant doors. Previously there were old, heavy, and very many corroded doors that were impossible to open due to weight and would not close properly. This compromised security for the building and the safety of tenants.

Lastly, we finished with fresh coats of paint using very bright colors.


3 Months




151 S Olive St.DTLA

Project type

Multi-Residential Complete Renovation