This office remodel included a myriad of different things.
Much electrical work was completed here, including replacing and installing new recessed lights, and outlets. We further installed new electrical outlets and boxes with screwless cover plates.
Plumbing was updated in Men's and Women's bathrooms to improve aesthetics and conclude no further leakage is happening. Replacing a 19 along water heater was also completed during this time. Tiles in both bathrooms were cleaned and resealed over tile and grout on both floors and walls. Replacing the old front door with a new Active/Inactive double entry door with an electric striker, top and bottom flush bolt, and not magnetic lock. This will ensure employees' safety comings and goings.
The ceiling was repaired to include damaged and or missing tile.
The flooring was entirely removed and replaced with a new pad, carpet, and tile. Drywall, patchwork, and plaster were installed and sanded to make it paint-ready. We finished the project with interior painting all ground floor areas for a cleanliness aesthetic look.


2 Months


Dobacore Management


147 S Robertson. Beverly Hills

Project type

Office Remodel