MBG joins the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce

MBG joins the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.

February 2022

MBG is a diversified mix of native Angelenos.

Joining an event hosted by the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce was an exciting opportunity for Milanco Building Group. In February 2022, we joined our first event making some wonderful new friends.
In honor of Black History Month, we spent time with our African American counterparts in hopes to bridge gaps, give lessons to understanding, and build relationships with each other.
We heard from many people, whom all shared their triumphs, hardships, and visions for the future. As native Angelenos, we take much pride in our city. We know and understand the importance of building relationships.

Celebrating Black History Month is of particular importance to Milanco Building Group.
African American heritage in Los Angeles and something we pay special attention too. Paying homage to our African American counterparts who came to this beautiful city and created a beautiful yet diversified community.

We also met with members of GLAAACC. Regaling in stories of how African Americans in Los Angeles have been able to thrive through advocacy, technical assistance and networking.
We were above and beyond thrilled to have been a part and having had joined this event. We look forward to many more.

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