MBG the Hotel Association Los Angeles

MBG joins the Hotel Association, Los Angeles. A well-respected organization representing the beautiful city of Los Angeles since 1932, we are front and center at all designated events. HALA gives us the opportunity to network ourselves with those in the Hotel business, be at the forefront of our competitors, and build relationships with those we will have future endeavors.
Hotels are of particular interest to MBG. We have spent much time doing and participating in the communities around California by providing our services to hotels in need. Providing construction remodeling services, bringing new life to old establishments for the newer generations to enjoy.
Joining Hotel Association Los Angeles has been crucial to the existence of MBG. This organization has given us great insight into changes in our city of Los Angeles, updates on local government actions, changes in the industry, while understanding our voice is always heard and appreciated, when we have suggestions, comments, or concerns.
We have met people and built friendships with many of the vendors through HALA including JW Marriot, Hilton Hotels, Omni Hotels, & Viceroy. We will continue these friendships indefinitely.

CHLA California Hotel & Lodging Association

Re Recognized as one of the most influential state lodging associations in California, MBG joins as a member partner. This organization is over 125 years old and continues to serve the lodging industry. This organization represents the interests of the lodging industry. This membership provides Milanco Building Group with how the overall lodging industry is growing, where the growth is located, and what opportunities may be presented.

The California Hotel & Lodging Association is part of a strategic alliance program to help address the diverse needs of our community no matter economic or social status.

We also receive updates on legislative changes, or any other changes in local, federal, or state. California Hotel & Lodging Association. MBG makes sure they are compliant with labor and state laws giving employees fair employment and treatment.

We have joined our friends at Hotel Association Los Angeles in supporting this cause and take particular importance to it. Our awareness is always heightened, whether we are out in public, or at a private affair, we take notice of any suspicious behavior. In modern-day society, it is imperative we continue this good work and good deed. We are strong believers in human rights, and gladly try to be a part of the cure for this.

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